Chernobyl Radiation Geiger Counter

Chernobyl Radiation Geiger Counter

What happened in Chernobyl?

Back in 1986 during the soviet union era, there was a catastrophic accident which occurred resulting in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploding. The event that happened that day was the worst accident in nuclear history and still is to this day. 

Many people lost their lives due to this disaster with many people getting cancer due to the high levels of radiation. 

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What is a geiger counter? 

A Geiger counter is a device for measuring radioactivity by detecting and counting ionizing particles.

Types of geiger counters 

As far as I’m aware there are 2 types of Geiger counters an analogue Geiger counter and a digital Geiger counter. We currently sell 3 digital Geiger counters which can be view under our electronics section on our website.

What is radiation? 

Radiation is an unstable nucleus which emits excess energy as radiation which is the form of gamma rays or fast-moving subatomic particles.

Low levels of radiation aren’t dangerous whereas medium and high levels are. Medium levels of radiation can cause sickness, headaches, vomiting and fever. High levels of radiation can kill you and cause internal organ damage and cancers. High level of radiation will fry your internal organs.

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