Teamsterz Kids Toys

Teamsterz Kids Toys

If your kids love nothing more than to play with fire engines, tow trucks and helicopters they’re going to love our unique Teamsterz range. All of the toys within this range have been specifically designed to give your children the chance to get creative with play.

The Farm Tractor Transporter

Many kids love nothing more than to play with farm-related toys, which means they’re almost guaranteed to love the Teamsterz Lorry Farm Tractor Transporter. This exciting new toy offers your little ones an even better play experience as it comes with a lorry with a long trailer that is big enough to hold a red, blue or green tractor. Helping your little ones to boost their spacial awareness thanks to the length of Tractor Transporter, your children can have fun and develop skills at the same time. 

The Emergency Response Helicopter

Complete with a helicopter and an emergency service vehicle the toys are manufactured of die-cast metal and are complete with great detail that will help the Emergency Response Helicopter become part of any vehicle collection. Available in white, red or yellow, and part of the exciting Teamsterz range this set is ideal for any child who loves to play with toy. vehicles.

Teamsterz Tractor and Tractor & Trailer 

The Teamsterz Tractor and Tractor & Trailer sets are ideal for children who love to play with die-cast metal toys that are ideal for use inside and out. Ready to take on just about anything your children do to them, these farm-related toys are available in a variety of colours, and the trailers come in two different designs, offering you more choice. 

Kids & Toys

We know that kids of all ages love nothing more than to get hands-on with their toys and enjoy a spot of imaginary play. The Teamsterz range includes not just the Farm Tractor Transporter and the other toys that we’ve described, the range also includes:

A Great Range of Toys

We know how important it is to let your children play with a wide range of toys that will boost their imagination. This is why we love the Teamsterz range and all the fun and excitement that each of these toys brings. Cheap and affordable, great quality and a lot of fun, the die-cast toys are ideal for hours of play both inside and out. 

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